The Erotic Adventures of
Willow & Spike

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V-Day Sucks: NC17; B/A(us)
A prequel to TEAOW&S. Just what led to Buffy deciding to sleep with her evil ex honey only weeks after he reverted?

Prezzie: NC17; W/S
Drusilla gives Spike a prezzie--Willow. Just what will her do with her?

Needs Must...: NC17; W/S
Driven from her lonely bed, Willow seeks out Spike and learns to accept her desires.

Fun & Games in the Cemetery: NC17; W/S, B/A(us), violence
While playing their own games, Willow and Spike stumble across another couple in the cemetery.

Revelations: NC17; W/S, B/S, B/W
Buffy discovers Willow's secret and interrupts the lovers. Will she kill Spike or join the fun?

Willow's Been Naughty: NC17; W/S, W/D, spanking
Drusilla gives Willow to Spike again, but things go a little differently this time.

Pampered: NC17; W/S, mild bondage
Spike makes it up to Willow for spanking her.

Toys: NC17; W, S, sex toys
Spike has something new up his sleeve for Willow.

Lusty Lasses in the Library: NC17; W/B/C
Willow's bruises are remarked upon and the women take matters into their own hands.

Bottoms Up!: NC17; W/S
Willow and Spike go on a picnic in period costume. What does Willow have hidden in her purse?

Cat Out of the Bag...: NC17; B/A(us), W/A(us), W/S, W/B, non-consensual, mild S&M
Angel finds Buffy and Willow on patrol. Will the secrets come out?

Research Gone Askew: NC17; W/S, mild bondage
Spike lures Willow away from research and into the stacks for some fun.

Midnight at the Drive-in: NC17; W/S, mild bondage, spanking
Willow and Spike go on a "real date" in his nice, big cadillac.

Payback (Interlude): NC17; B/A(us), bondage, non-consensual
Buffy goes on the hunt for Angel to pay him back for punishing her.

Sunday Matinee: NC17; W/C, mild bondage, mild S&M
Willow helps Cordelia rid herself of some of the pressure of dating a virgin.

Last Dance: NC17; W/S, B/A(us), blood play, spanking
Willow and Spike meet at the Bronze and someone sees them. Lots of surprises for all three couples.

Comparisons: NC17; W/S, B/A(us)
Both women are awakened by their respective lovers.

Spike Gets a Harem: NC17; W/S/B/C, mild S&M
One big orgy of fun.

Willow's Friend--Mr. Codeine: NC17; W/S
High on pain medicine, Willow goes looking for Spike.

Curing a Hangover: NC17; W/S
Spike's awakened by Willow in her own special way.

Willow's Whipping: NC17; W/S, mild S&M, bondage
Willow thinks she deserves punishment for going to the factory. What does Spike think?

Heart Hush: NC17; B/A(us)
Buffy's spirits have sunk so low can anyone make her feel better?

The Bitter Suite: Sex, Lies & Betrayal: NC17; S/D, B/A(us Willow goes to the mansion and finds only betrayal and heartache.

The Bitter Suite: The Downward Spiral: NC17; B/A(us), S&M, bondage
What events occurred in the three weeks between Last Dance and Heart Hush to make Buffy so fragile? Her journal has the answers.

The Bitter Suite: The Mopey Blues: NC17; B/A(us)
Willow and Buffy examine their relationships and angst a lot until Angel joins them.

The Bitter Suite: Furies & Fates: R; violence, brutality
Willow and Spike confront each other to a point. What has Angel done to Drusilla?

The Bitter Suite: The Bond: PG
The truth about the bond between Willow and Spike is revealed and the repercussions aren't pretty.

The Bitter Suite: Recriminations: NC17; B/A(us)
Confrontations all around as Spike sort of confronts Angel, and Drusilla has a vision of Spike and Willow together, plus Buffy and Angel have more fun.

The Bitter Suite: Acceptance: NC17; C/X, W/S
Xander finds out about the bond and Willow finally accepts what she has to do to survive.

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away: NC17; X/C, role playing, bondage, rather kinky
Xander wants to role play his favorite movie. Will Cordy go along with it?

A Dish Best Served Cold: NC17; W/A(us)
One week after the events in Bitter Suite, Willow turns to the worst possible person to help her stop thinking. Rather nasty.

Aftermath: PG14
Willow tries to deal with sleeping with Angel, but she isn't handling it well. Neither is Spike.

The Morass: R; W, Heavy BDSM
Willow finds a way to alleviate her inner pain.

Heartache: NC17; D/S, B/A(us), S/A(us), violence, semi-nonconsensual
How will people deal with Willow's bruises? Lots of confrontations, truths revealed and some resolutions, and my first m/m scene in this series.

Captain Spike: NC17; W/S
A little fantasy...

Perpetual Bliss: R; C/X, BDSM relationship
One week after the revelations in Heartache, Cordy muses over her feelings for Xander.

To Boldly Go...: NC17; C/X
Cordy and Xander try their hand at role playing again.

Shot in the Dark: NC17; B/A(us), W/S, D/A(us)
Eleven months after I broke them up I finally reunited them. Lots of secrets get spilled in this fic as Spike suffers a near fatal catastrophe.

Shot in the Heart: NC17; B/A(us), angsty
Set right after Buffy leaves Spike at Cordy's in "Shot in the Dark", she goes to face Angel.

Blind Shot: NC17; C/X
Set during the first night of "Shot in the Dark", Cordy fills Xander in on what's happened and they make love.

Lost Little Lamb: NC17; W/A(us), violence
Angel has Willow in his grasp. What does he plan to do with her and where is Spike? Set during "Shot in the Dark"

Reclamation: NC17, S/A(us)
Spike returns to the clan and to Angelus' side.

Movie and a Dinner: NC17, W/S, BDSM
Willow and Spike go out on their first real date, get to know each other, and play some kinky games for the first time in way too long.

Hot Summer Nights: NC17, S/W, B/A(us), S/A(us), C/X; some slash
This is the "Giles and Xander find out" fic, set in the summer of '98. Everyone eventually seems to take it okay...but do they really? Lots more smut to release all the tension. All wrapped up now.

Not a fic, but fans of TEAOW&S please read.

Happy Rebirthday:PG14
Willow and Spike celebrate his two hundredth birthday.

Turkey, Pumpkin Pie & Spike: NC17; W/S, blood play
It's Thanksgiving and Willow finds a special treat awaiting her.

Hanukkah: PG14, W/S, B/A(us), C/X
It's Hanukkah, 1998, and Willow throws a party.

The Longest Night: NC17, W/S/D
It's Winter Solstice and Willow makes a decision that will change her life again.

Ribbons & Bows: NC17; W/S, blood play
It's Christmas morn and Willow gives herself to her lover to celebrate a friend's Christmas birthday.

Five Gold Rings: NC17; W/S, bondage, mild S&M
A continuation of Ribbons & Bows, Spike punishes Willow and she has a surprise for him.

Exchanging Presents: NC17, Buffy/Angel
Set "Before Dishonor", it's the first Christmas after Angel lost his soul (11 months before) and Buffy decides to surprise him with a Christmas present. For Indie.

Before Dishonor: PG14, S/W, angst, songfic
This is written around the song "Before Dishonor" and is set on Xmas morning 1998, the morning after Willow and Spike's engagement. Lots of angst about Angelus.

Wine Coolers and Sex Don't Mix: NC17, B/A(us), mild Sub and Dom
It's New Year's Eve and Buffy's just a bit drunk and belligerent. Angelus teaches her a lesson. Yeah, they are softening to each other, though it doesn't seem like it in this fic.

A New Year: PG14, S/W
Willow wakes on New Years Day concerned about her best friend and facing the horror of televised bowl games all day. Set right after "Wine Coolers..."

Trials: ArrivalPG14
Set right after "A New Year", Faith and Wesley arrive in town.

Trials: Whipping BoyNC17, S/A(us), B/W, BDSM, whipping
Angel overreacts and takes it out on Spike; after patrolling with Faith, Buffy comforts Willow.

Trials: Perchance to DreamR
Faith has her first prophetic dream.

Trials: Satisfaction GuaranteedNC17, S/W, B/A(us), C/X, G/J, F
Everyone has sex.

Trials: Interludes & PreludesPG14
A couple weeks pass and Buffy's birthday approaches.

Trials: WeakeningsNC17, S/W, B/A(us), S/W/D
As Spike and Willow make love, Buffy and Angel discover just how weak she's gotten and confront Giles.

Trials: Lambs to the SlaughterR, W/A(us)
Buffy and Faith share another dream, and Angel takes his frustration out on Willow.

Trials: RevelationsPG14
Faith discovers Buffy and Willow in the vampires' lair and demands to know the truth. After all is revealed to Faith, Buffy confesses her lifestory to her mother.

Trials: EpiphanyNC17, S/W, B/A(us), BDSM
While Spike and Willow deal with their fears in their own way, Angel comforts Buffy and Drusilla and the moon create the impetus he needs.

Trials: Best Laid Plans...PG14
It's Buffy's birthday, now all she has to do is survive it by facing the greatest trial of her life. A work in progress.

Trials: CelebrationNC17, B/A(us), W/S, S/D, C/W
Buffy survived her trial and now faces the Watchers. The Scooby Gang celebrates, Angel broods, and Drusilla freaks out a bit.

Trials: The InquisitionNC17, S/A(us)
Buffy faces Travers' inquisition, then returns home to study with Willow, while Angel returns to his home to find Spike waiting for him.

Trials: The Plan Comes Together NC17, W/S
Just who was kidnaped? Everyone angsts over what to do, and as Cordelia implements the plan they finally come up with, Willow and Spike make love, fearing it might be the last time.

Trials: All's Well that End's Well?PG
Everything wraps up...until the big finale of the series...

Happy Valentine's Smut: NC17, B/A(us), W/S, C/X, BDSM
Just a little BDSM smutfic set one year from the beginning of TEAOW&S on another memorible Valentine's Day.

The End: Set in Motion: PG14
Here it is, the final story in my nearly four year long series. I've been writing it for a month now and I've quite a bit done and a good idea of how I want it to go. Unlike my usual style of just writing off the top of my head, I've actually worked to make this story make sense and be, I hope, entertaining. There's smut, BDSM, non-consensual sex, angst, evilness, pain and suffering ahead. Will it have a happy ending? *evil grin*

The End: The Lover: NC17, Dru/A(us), whipping, BDSM
Angel makes his first move and Spike pays the price.

The End: The Amulet:R, S/A(us)
Angel continues his assault on Spike while Buffy is distracted and Willow readies for her anniversary with her lover.

The End: The Fire:R, S/A(us), W/A(us)
Willow's been captured and faces the end of her life.

The End: The Darkness:NC17, W/A(us), semi-non-consensual sex
Angel takes Willow to bed...really can't say more than that.

The End: The Visions: R, S/D/A(us), dream birching
Buffy has the amulet, Drusilla has a vision, Spike has a very odd dream, Willow...well, she and Angel aren't in this chapter because I'm totally evil.

The End: The Flight: R, W/S, W/A(us)
Continues where we left off in chapter 4 before the weird ass dreams and visions. People have had a lot of theories on who's getting turned etc. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

The End: The Seer: NC17, Dru/A(us), BDSM
The cliffhanger's no longer hanging. Angel wakes up. He isn't happy. Buffy makes a discovery.

The End: The Warrior: NC17, B/A(us)
Buffy confronts Angel. It's not pleasant, as they take out their agression on each other the best way they know how.

The End: The Best Friends: NC17, W/S
Buffy weeps, Angel broods, the stars of the series go at it in the shower

The End: The Truth: PG13
Buffy faces her Watcher and gets interrupted by a phone call.

The End: The Master: Hard R, Dru/A(us), B/A(us), W/S
Buffy confronts Angel again, and the poor master of Sunnydale suddenly has relations dropping in out of the blue.

The End: The Decision: NC17, W/S
Willow comes to a decision that sends Spike around the bend. This chapter has a rather nasty sex scene in it.

The End: The Punishment: NC17, W/S, B/A(us), spanking
Buffy runs into Angel in the cemetery and they do a lot of yelling and fighting and then he turns her over his knee. Plus, Willow wakes up.

The End: The Heart: NC17, W/S
Willow and Spike head home to face the consequences and have what may be one last intimate moment.

The End: The Point of No Return: Hard R, Bondage
Angel teases, taunts and punishes the runaways.

The End: The Center: Hard R, Dru/W
The aftermath of the punishment as the struggle for survival continues, and Buffy pops in. What happens next surprises everyone.

The End: The Five: PG13
The prophecy begins to unfold and the two humans and their vampire lovers need to figure out how to stop it.

The End: The Bond: PG13, W/S/D, B/A(us)
Explanations. I don't want to give anything away in these summaries, so sorry they're so short.

The End: The Miracle: NC17, W/S, B/A(us), spanking
The smutty end. It started with smut; it should end with smut!

The End! I said there would be an epilogue but I've decided against it. There's a chance I might do some future stories and I don't want to give anything away. Don't count on it anytime soon, though. I have Divine Madness to finish, my new bizarro "There's Always Another" to continue, and my version of Season 7 that I want to try.

Some people have mentioned the stories I've written where Buffy and Willow have children. (Wanted, Wanted More). Those are AU and not a part of the regular TEAOW&S. I do plan to write more in that series, too.

Thanks for coming along with me for the four year journey!

Okay, I'm back. *grin*

The Eighth Night: NC17, Spike/Willow
Set before "One Snowy Night", Willow is about four months pregnant, and she and Spike are celebrating Hanukkah. For Astridaria.

One Snowy Night: NC17, W/S
I know I said it would be a long while before I wrote in this series again, but I got inspired. It's set about eleven months after The End; Willow and Spike are married; she and Buffy have moved into the mansion. Life is going on.

Sixty Eight Minutes of Ecstasy: NC17, S/A(us)
A sequel to "One Snowy Night", Spike and Angel make a bet about whether or not Spike can make Angel last.

Just The Way They Like It: NC17, B/A(us)
Buffy hit her head fighting demons, Angel overreacts, then pampers her.

Grumpy Is Not Just The Name Of A Dwarf: NC17, B/A(us), S/W sortof, bloodplay, menstruation issues
I swore never to write this kind of blood play fic but then...*sigh* Buffy's a tad grumpy at that time of the month.

Theater Manners: NC17, B/A(us), S/W/D, spanking
Angel wants to take his family to the opera. A couple family members aren't very cooperative and need to be punished. An answer to a challenge by Ms. Izzard.

...And the Living is Easy: NC17, B/A(us)
Buffy returns to the mansion with news. How will Angel react? Title snagged from "Summertime" by Billie Holliday.

Red, White & Blue: NC17, X/C, BDSM
Set sometime in the future, Cordy and Xander are continuing their Dom/Sub relationship even with careers and children.

An Entertaining Evening: R, Willow and Angel
A ficlet written for rethought who wanted Willow and Angel working on a translation, hopped up on coffee and being snarky. Set in the future of the series some time.

Parking Violations: NC17, Buffy/Angel(us), spanking
Angel has a bad day. Buffy gets spanked and more because it's all her fault. I had a really bad day because the courthouse is full of idiots and while those exact problems didn't fit into a fic very well, I came up with a plausible reason for Angel to be frustrated. I can't spank the idiots I have to deal with, so Buffy becomes my surrogate ass.

Porny Uses of Garland: NC17, Willow/Spike
It's Christmas, Willow's stringing garlands, Spike's protesting.

Come To Pass: PG14, Spike/Willow/Dru, Buffy/Angel(us)
Set four years after Buffy's 17th birthday but in my AU series, Buffy's worst nightmare comes true.

Popsicle Toes: PG, Willow, Angel It's hot, the AC is broken, and Willow's kids are whining. Angel is...well, Angel.

When We Get Older...: NC17, B/A(us)
Set way in the future, Angel watches his lover of several decades sleep and when she awakens they celebrate an anniversary.


written while the muse for "Endings & Beginnings" was missing September 2008-September 2009

Heart On His Sleeve: PG13, Spike/Willow
During "Last Dance" Spike ponders how he fell in love with a seventeen year old girl.

In Silence: PG13, Spike/Willow, allusions to Willow/Angel(us)
Set a few years into their marriage, Spike and Willow prepare to face her greatest fear.

In The Moment: PG13, Spike/Angel(us)
Set at the moment of Spike's death in "Endings & Beginnings".

Who'd Have Thought?: PG13, Spike, Buffy/Angel(us)
As the one who holds everything together in the Family, Spike tends Buffy's wounds.

The Bitter Suite Of Lies: PG13, Spike/Willow
Set at the end of "Bittersuite", Spike's kind of pissed off.

Farewell: PG13, Spike/Willow
Willow speaks to her husband, set before his funeral in "Endings & Beginnings".

Healing Time: PG13, Spike/Drusilla
Spike takes care of Drusilla after Angel leaves them in China.

It All Comes Back Around: NC17, Spike/Angel(us)
Angel reclaimed Spike but it takes a while for them to grow close.

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