BtVS Erotica

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Alley Cat: NC17, B/S
Buffy's POV during the sex in the alley scene in "Doublemeat Palace". Kinda bleak.

The Altar of His Madness: NC17, S/Dawn
Set sometime after "Lessons" but as if the rest of the episodes of season seven didn't happen. Dawn is 16 in this fic and Spike's nuttier than a fruitcake. I'm having a blast writing him that way. If Spike/Dawn squicks you, don't go any farther. If you choose to read, it's from alternating POVs.

An Issue of Submission: NC17, Dru/Darla, bondage, sub/dom
Drusilla suddenly realizes she has a childe and all that implies, but that childe isn't about to be submissive and teaches her sire/grandchilde a lesson she won't soon forget. Set after the lawyer eating episode.

Angel of the Morning: NC17, Spike/Willow/Tara
Holiday ficlet for bknut who wanted Spike, Tara and Willow at New Year's, with white cotton panties, getting or having a tattoo, a reference to Wonder Woman.

Animal Husbandry: R; S/other sort of, mention of bizarre sex
My answer to RWP's challenge about Spike and a sheep. Of course, I went gutter diving.

At Last: NC17, Spike/Buffy
Holiday ficlet for badgerbabe who wanted Spike/Buffy at Christmas with smut and the song by Etta James

Bad Hair Night: Heavy R, simulated sex, B/S
Spike's reaction to Buffy's haircut. It was supposed to be a silly fic but went all angsty on me.

Beware Multi-Breasted Demon Chicks: NC17; F/B/Devon; mild bondage
I'm pretending that Faith didn't go bad. She and Buffy take down a demon with a certain aroma and find a captive tied naked to a bed.

A Bit of a Blue Christmas: NC17, Wesley/Dawn
Dawn is married with children, but Christmas time isn't always her happiest time of year. Her husband tries to make it up to her. For Amber.

Brassed Off Slayer: NC17; bondage, mild S&M, non consensual
Buffy finds out that Xander lied to her about Willow attempting to restore Angel's soul and takes her anger out on him.

Breaking: NC17, graphic BDSM and hints at rape and sexual torture
Based on a challenge, this fic is from a female character's POV of her imprisonment and the beatings and rape she endures at the hands of a male character. I don't want to give the pairing away, and it's certainly not a sweet relationship fic.

Broad Daylight: NC17; B/S
Instead of continuing to fight and Buffy kicking Spike's arse in his 4th Season return, what if they'd shagged?

The Burning Season: NC17, S/Lilah
Written for the Angel Book of Days Fall Challenge for Onetwomany. Lilah and Spike knew each other in hell, only he doesn't remember her, and when she returns to Earth all she wants his him.

The Cage: NC17, Wes/Justine, bondage, hate sex
Set just before AtS Season 4, Wes has Justine in a cage in his closet.

Calliope's Garden: The Chef's Tale: NC17; S/D
My chapter in the Calliope's Garden round robin, all you need to know is that Buffy was invited to a free stay at a resort for her and all her friends.

Candles. Foreplay.: NC17, B/S, kinkiness and a bit of bondage
Pretty much a PWP inspired by the candle comment in "Wrecked". All praise to Joss for sneaking that past the censors!

Carpe Diem:, NC17, Buffy/Giles
Set several years in the future, not taking into account the comic book, with the sure knowledge that at least three beings survived the mess in L.A. Buffy has a comfortable life in Rome, until Dawn asks her to come to England and she has to face the one person she's become estranged from. Written for dword for a donation to fire_fic.

Chocolate, the Smutty Sequel: NC17; S/A/C, slash
Sequel to my first chocolate story (on the Family page) in which Cordelia and Angel lick nutella off Spike. Set in the first season of Angel.

Christmas Reunion By Way of Much Oral Sex: NC17, Spike/Buffy
Spike's had enough of Buffy ignoring his return from the dead and goes to give her quite a Christmas present. For Sarah.

The Colors of Christmas NC17, Spike/Illyria, light Sub/Dom
Illyria doesn't quite understand Christmas but does understand her pet. Written for Leslie.

Coming To Her Senses: NC17, Angel/Willow, Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike
In October, 1998 I wrote a smutfic called "Two Whiney Slayers", set in Season 3, in which Buffy and Faith whined about how boring Halloween was and Angel--an Angel very different and much darker--decided to punish them. Ever since I've had a woman named Jenny asking for a sequel in which Buffy comes to her senses. She even wrote one (with my permission) and continually encouraged me to write my version. Two years ago I finally started, and, now, on the tenth anniversary of something that literally changed my life, here it is...

Contemplation:NC17, Lindsey, BDSM
My first Lindsey fic--I so love the bad boys--and he tries to deal with his emotions and the loss of his hand in a rather unique way.

Cravings: NC17, B/S, angst, darkness
This time I managed to do what I failed to do with "Wrong"; make it dark. Set after "Wrecked", perhaps their relationship will go this way, perhaps not, but I felt it needed to be explored.

Dark Need: NC17, B/S
An answer to a challenge to continue the first paragraph. This is set in early season three but with some liberties taken with Becoming 2 to allow this dark sexual encounter to take place between Buffy and Spike.

A Demon is Coming!: NC17; C/Whistler
A shameless PWP set in the future during the Angel series. Whistler enlists Cordy's help to prevent a demon from coming to Earth.

Delia's Awakening: NC17, C/A, BDSM
Set sometime in the future of AtS, but probably springing from mid-Season 3, pre-Connor as an adult, this is a response to a challenge from Allison from over a year ago. I've had it in the works since then. C/A; they can only have sex if Angel is dominated by Cordy and in pain; they date for months before Angel talks her into it (fudged this one); Cordy visits sex shops, shops online, joins email lists; just couldn't get in the bit about how to pronounce Angelus. The story goes from present to past tense, as there are flashbacks.

Destiny's End: NC17, B/G, others, character death
An answer to a B/G challenge, and my first B/G fic, this is not a happy fic.

Details: NC17, Angel/Darla, Darla/Lindsey
"Epiphany" left so many lucious gaps that just needed to be filled. Here's my attempt. It's partly from Darla's POV as she remembers her confrontations with both Angel and Lindsey.

...Don't Walk Alone: NC17; C/A(us), violence, mild S&M, semi-nonconsensual
Angelus and Cordelia make a deal to save Xander's life. Set from Cordelia's point of view, this is not a pretty story.

Dream or Nightmare?: NC17, A/S/B, bit of whipping and forced sex
Set sometime before Seasons 7/4, in an AU where Angel's back and dreaming of Spike. It's an Angel POV and kind of disjointed because it's a dream.

A Dream Fulfilled: NC17; G/J
Giles is dreaming of Jenny, or is he?

Driven:NC17, S/B
A tag to Into the Woods, Buffy corners Spike in his crypt right after Riley leaves town. Much smuttiness ensues.

Dru Get's a Slayer, Too: NC17; D/F, bondage
A shameless PWP written as a gift to a Dru lover.

Dru's Home Brew: NC17; W/A(us), non-consensual, drug use
Drusilla wants to make her daddy happy and gain a new friend. A prequel to La Rose Noir's "Educating Willow" series.

Dru's New Lover: NC17; D/?
Pure, brief PWP. My silliest fic yet.

Easter Candy: NC17; X/A(us)
Set in The Liarverse, it's the annual Easter egg hunt with Xavy, Xander and Angelus.

The End of the World: NC17, Angelus/Lindsey, slightly non-con, character death
A back-up fic for the Lindseyslash Ficathon. Set in the near future but spoiler-free, Angelus has returned and is hunting Lindsey. When he finds him, it isn't nice.

Erinys: NC17, W/S, BDSM, Whipping, Sexual Torture
Set after Tabula Rasa, I began this over a year ago, with the belief that Willow was going evil a lot faster than she actually did in Season 6. Here, she believes the root of all the problems with the gang and Buffy are Spike's fault, so she decides to take her fury out on him. Spike POV

Escape: R, Darla/Angelus/Cordelia, aftermath of beatings and rape, character death
My Cordelia ficathon response. Angel loses his soul to Darla and they take Cordelia captive. She's to be their new Drusilla.

Eternal Screams: NC17, S/Glory, sexual slavery, torture, death
A challenge response and my first attempt at writing Glory. This story is set in a world where Glory wins her way home and takes Spike with her as a toy.

Every Day With Her Is Like Christmas: NC17, Spike/Drusilla
Set sometime in the 1970s or 1980s in a big city, Spike brings Drusilla her Christmas presents.

Fast Like Honey...Isn't: NC17, Spike/Buffy
Written for lillianmorgan for the Buffy/Spike Snarkathon because who can resist that pairing and snark? *g* Requirements were the line "We're all one big happy family", Dawn, stickiness, and Revello Drive, with no character bashing, no rape, and no character death, plus any rating, so I naturally dove for that comfortable gutter. Set Season 6.

A Few Benefits to Being Human: NC17, Darla/Lilah
Written for the Lilahficathon for faithtastic, it's set when Darla is human, and, bored with Lindsey, she wants Lilah to entertain her. We're pretending she doesn't have syphillis.

Framed: NC17, Wesley/Lilah
Written for a porn battle and the prompt "lace", Wesley does kinky things with a bra.

From An Ending, Return: NC17, Angel/Lindsay, Spike/Buffy, Connor/Dawn, Wesley/Lilah
Wesley's dead, Gunn is dying, Angel and his remaining companions face impossible odds...until a horde of slayers arrive to drive back the demons and stop the apocalypse. He may have lost Buffy to Spike and his newly returned son is falling for the Slayer's kid sister, but, to his surprise, the Senior Partners give him the LA branch of Wolfram & Hart and the return of three dead as a prize. One is easy, the second follows the first, but the third...The third may become the love of his life...if they don't kill each other first...or again in the returnee's case. Written for the 2012 Vampire Big Bang and as a prequel to "apokalypsis" which is a SPN/Buffy crossover.

Gifts Between Friends: NC17, Buffy/Spike, Giles/Spike, bondage
goddessofmercy wanted Buffy/Spike/Giles on Boxing Day, during Season 6, with the two men helping her through the rough spots with rough sexiness.

Happy Coupling NC17, Buffy/Angel, Spike/Illyria
For the IWRY Anniversary: a month long celebration of Buffy/Angel fics I wrote this set in the future. Just a happy Buffy/Angel smutfic.

Hands: NC17; B/?; bondage, mild S&M
Someone has captured Buffy and sets out to torment her sexually.

Haunted House Hijinks: NC17, Buffy/Spike
Set some time mid season five of AtS, in which Andrew let the knowledge of Spike's return slip and Buffy went to L.A. to get together with him. They have a developing relationship and Spike wants to turn it a bit kinky, but that brings bad memories to Buffy. For Tiana for the Spike/Buffy Kinkathon.

He Can't Forget or Forgive NC17, Wesley/Faith, BDSM
Set sometime after Faith quit prison to help Angel, but pretty AU where Wes is concerned. My response to the Faith/Wesley ficathon, for onechan19 who wanted scruffy Wes with a gun, Wes tying up Faith, no fluff, not too dark, at least an R.

He Thinks She Likes Being A Brat: NC17, Spike/Dawn, spanking
Set sometime in a nebulous future where Dawn and Spike are together, Dawn's a brat, but pretty much on purpose because she knows her punishment will only lead to great pleasure.

Hell Becomes Her: NC17, Buffy/Angel(us), bondagew
Set in the same universe as "A Place In Hell" and "A Life In Hell", and about one hundred years in the future, Buffy has given up on escape and allowed Hell into her soul.

Her Eyes: NC17, S/B
I began this as a sequel to "These Eyes", but it just wasn't working, so instead this rather angsty smutfic is set after Joyce's death.

The Honorable Miss Baring:NC17, S/Cec, S/A(us), bit of m/m rape, nastiness, smut, weirdness
I know I said I wasn't going to write anything else till TEAOW&S was done, but I've had this nearly done since April. It was inspired by a few comments made on TBC&S spoiler board and takes the view that Cecily and Halfrek are the same being and that she and William knew each other much more intimately than we saw in "Fool For Love". This is a rarity for me--I'm going with canon on who sired Spike. Don't get used to it. *grin*

Hot Blooded: NC17, Faith/Buffy
It's Valentine's Day and Faith is visiting Buffy in Rome and one thing leads to another.

How It Is:NC17, S/B
Another tag to Into the Woods, Buffy and Spike have been having sex for awhile, and neither are really happy about it. From Spike's POV.

How The Desk Set Relates To Modern Life: NC17, Angel/Buffy/Cordy
My Buffy/Angel/Cordelia ficathon response for voleuse who wanted humor and/or smut, set during S1 of Angel, ice cream, and didn't want non-con. Buffy can't stay away from Angel, and Angel and Cordelia have discovered the delights of each other a lot faster than on the show, and somehow they all make it work.

Ice Lolly: NC17, Buffy/Spike
For the porn battle and the prompt "lick", you can probably see where this is going...

Illyria's Pet: NC17, Spike/Illyria
Inspired by the pet line, set sometime before the end of the show, just lots of smut.

The Intimacy of Irony: NC17, L/female
Lindsey's working his way across the country and runs into someone who needs him in Emporia, Kansas. Not a Mary Sue. It's quite twisted.

Introspection: NC17, A/Lin, bondage, mild sub/dom
Set a few weeks into the summer post Season 5/2, after Angel's return from Pylea and Buffy's swan dive, it's introspection during buggering with alternating POVs. Answer to the Summer of Slash challenge on btvs_kink.

An Issue of Trust:NC17, C/Lin
Over the summer, Lindsey and Cordelia meet in a bar and discover an undeniable attraction. This fic bounces from past to present and has some in Lindsey's POV.

It Was...: NC17, Wes/Lin
Written tardily for the AtS/BtVS Hurt-Comfort Slash Ficathon for sam_gamgee who wanted Wes/Lindsey, either hurt, angsty but with a happy ending, and no character death. Post NFA Wesley and Lindsey find themselves in hell...or do they?

It's A Bet: NC17, B/S
In answer to a challenge, Buffy and Spike make a bet over a pool game and the loser(?) has to give the winner some tongue action. Set some time before "As You Were".

Just What Is Real: NC17, B/S, B/other rape
My version of "Normal Again". Buffy's stuck by the demon and hallucinates the "real world", but that's about the only things that are the same as the episode. There is a brief rape scene in the "real world"; it's not very graphic...unlike the S/B sex scenes. ;)

Kaleidoscope:NC17, B/A
My answer to Caro's challenge. Buffy is being stalked through the streets of Sunnydale during the summer between season 4 & 5. This is not the happiest of smut.

A Kink in the Chain: NC17, B/S, bondage, spanking
Buffy and Spike experiment with handcuffs sometime after the implied handcuff scene and before "As You Were".

The Kitchen Counter: NC17, Wes/Fred, noncon
Inspired by Angelus' line about turning Fred over the kitchen counter, I wrote this little smut/angst fic set during the Billy episode. What if Wes had caught Fred?

Kitty: R, Gunn/other
A rather odd fic with Gunn and the big cat...except not really and is she a cat? All Sally's fault.

Learning to Submit:NC17, S/A(us), S/R, S&M, Rape
It had to have galled Spike to back down to Riley in the Season 5 premiere, so I wrote the result. It's mostly memories and fantasies.

Left Handed Pleasure: NC17, B/S, masturbation
An answer to a challenge for Spike pleasuring himself, a bowl of ice, a broken piece of furniture. This is set after "Once More With Feeling".

Like to Like: R, F/B
Alternating POVs in this not overly graphic femmeslash fic. What I'd like to see happen when Faith arrives on BtVS. The Slayers' reunion gets a bit hot.

Means To An End: NC17, Angelus/Darla
My Angel Ficathon response for killerweasel who wanted Angelus/Darla before soul, dark, with a music box and pitchfork, and no rape. Set post Drusilla's turning, pre-soul returning with flashbacks. Angelus is never faithful to Darla and her anger at him becomes a game they both enjoy.

Midnight at the Office Supply Store: NC17, W/S
In an AU of my alphaverse, Willow, having been dumped by Oz, gets drunk on New Years Eve, 1999, and winds up stuck with Spike in Office Depot. This is not in the main Alpha storyline.

Miracle Drug: NC17; A(us)/most of the town, non-consensual
Set vaguely in the world of TEAOW&S;, this PWP was inspired by certain jokes on UCSL. Angelus gets certain physical feelings that just won't go away.

Myriad Family Joys: NC17, Faith/Wesley
Set in the future in which Faith and Wes are married and have a family. Just a little glimpse into their lives.

Need: NC17; C/G, S&M
After her breakup with Xander, Cordelia finds she needs something else to make her life worth living.

Never Did, Never Will: NC17, B/S
A tag to "Lies...". Buffy closes the door on Giles, turns and finds someone waiting for her, just as she requested. Basically happy smut with a bit of angst.

A New Year: NC17, Buffy/Spike
Holiday ficlet for filippin who wanted Spike/Buffy pre-chip, with chocolate cake and champagne, not angsty, on New Year's; set Season 3.

A New Year's Menage: NC17, Willow/Spike/Angel
Holiday ficlet for rethought who wanted Angel/Willow/Spike, smutty, on New Year's with snow and some lyrics I totally failed to include; set in the future.

The Night Before The End: NC17, Spike/Buffy
Every Buffy/Spike fan knows this happened, Chelle wanted to see my version. Spike and Buffy make love the night before the fall of the Hellmouth.

No Simple Answer: NC17, Spike/Wes/Illyria
My Illyria ficathon response for exchanged who wanted NC17, Wes & Spike, and no Connor. Set three months after the end of AtS season 5 with a twist

No Sorrow, Only Pleasure: NC17, Willow/Tara
A ficlet written for Amy who wanted Willow and Tara's reunion before Tara's death.

Nutty Buns, Nookie, and a Not So Normal Life: NC17, Spike/Buffy
My Spike Ficathon response. Buffy and Spike have reunited and everything is happy, happy.

Oh Jesus, Oh God, We're Screwed: NC17, Buffy/Spike, slight dubcon
Set during Halloween, Buffy, not dressed as an 18th century lady, runs into Spike and she's horny and his pissed and horny and one thing leads to another. Dubcon only because "costume made her do it".

Old and Familiar and Loved: NC17, C/Willow, Dom/sub
Cordelia didn't die and somehow ended up with Willow in a Dom/sub relationship.

Older than Time: NC17; F/G
Faith and Giles explore their loneliness and each other. Set after Consequences but ignoring Enemies.

The Other Slayer: NC17, S/Fa
The chemistry between Faith and Spike in the basement screamed for this fic. While Buffy's ignoring Spike, he and Faith turn to each other. Season 7.

Ouroboros: NC17, Spike/Drusilla/Angel
Itís an eternal cycle of blood from sire to childe and back again. With Drusilla near to dying, Spike brings her to the Hellmouth in the hopes that a cure can be found. He knows one thing that will help, but going to Angel only stirs old memories, both good and bad, for all three of them. Drusilla has been Spikeís for a hundred years, but he knows she will go back to their sire too easily. And, heís afraid that so will he, because a very long time ago he loved the bloody, violent creature that has become ensouled and weak. In Angel, Spike sees too much of Angelus and, in himself, now a master vampire, he sees still a loyal first borne. Written for the 2010 Vampire Bigbang

Out of the Light: NC17, B/S, Bondage, non-consensual sex
A challenge response set after Harsh Light of Day, what if Spike had gotten the Ring of Amara back? Who would he go after? I chose Buffy. Of the requirements I used a Playstation and Lindsey McDonald. Spike POV. Another of my "Helpless" Buffy fics.

Oz Wins, Xander Loses: NC17; O/W, spanking
Oz finds out about Willow and Xander and decides that maybe smoochies aren't enough anymore.

Plastic Love NC17, Spike/Mannequin
My response to the Spike/Inanimate Object ficathon. The requests were Spike/Buffy mannequin, the real Buffy walking in at some point, a happy ending, with no character death and no Angel.

Practice Makes Perfect: NC17, S/Joyce
A response to a challenge for S/J fic. Set after the Initiative, Spike and Joyce have been secretly seeing each other. Basically PWP.

Pretty Maids Falling: NC17, S/B, A/Faith, Wes/Lil, C/Lin, Con/D
This is my take on Season 7 of Buffy, bringing in the Angel gang, something Joss can't do. There are some close parallels to the show, but I hope people still find it interesting, plus, my Buffy is much nicer to Spike. The prologue and first two chapters are here. It's a work in progess.

The Protector: NC17, Angel/Spike, hurt/comfort
Written for the A/S I'll Not Fade Away ficathon for September 10th's lyrics, "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger. I didn't use the lyrics, but I think the theme of the story is inspired by them. Spike's back in a familiar role, just on a different page.

Pure Evil in a Lover's Form: NC17, B/A(us), S/A(us), S/B, C/C, NONCON
Instead of dealing with the Beast etc, Angelus comes to Sunnydale to break Buffy and finds Spike in the bargain. He also doesn't come alone. A WIP.

Pushing:NC17, S/A
From Spike's POV, set sometime in Season 4/1. Angel finds Spike in his office, drinking his favorite whisky and generally irking him. A fight leads to...

Reality Twists: NC17, B/S, rape, BDSM
A very weird fic set in the summer after The Gift. Yep, it's B/S. The fic deals with sexual slavery and the Stockholm Syndrome and is very odd.

A Reckoning In Hell: NC17, Buffy/Lucifer
Forty years have passed in Hell and Buffy continues to try to escape. For most of those years her doing so has amused Lucifer, but he once promised her that he would grow tired of her attempts. That time has come. He also promised her that she would grace his bed. Buffy calls it rape, but Lucifer is the Great Seducer and she's helpless to resist. To his surprise, he doesn't grow bored. What will he ask of her? And what about Angelus? The rest of the series is on the Family Fic Page (so far). My Lucifer and Hell are heavily influenced by Gaiman and Carey.

Rekindling the Flame:NC17, A/Darla
I began this before it was revealed that Angel returned to Darla in 1900. In this AU, he didn't, and they meet in New York City in the 1920s.

The Request: NC17, Fr/A, Bondage
Set early AtS Season 3, this is a challenge response, focusing on the unrequited loves of the two shows. I chose Fred/Angel from Season 3 and wrote Fred's POV. Challenge included: restraints, talk about the meaning of love, strawberry lipgloss, and the phrase "And after the oral sex, the spanking" from Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

Reunions: NC17, Wesley/Lilah, Buffy/Angel, Cordelia/Xander, Buffy/Spike, Spike/Drusilla, Angel/Lindsey
Ficlets with the them of reunion written as thank you notes to my friends. All in different universes, most smutty.

The Ride Is All That Matters: NC17, S/B
Set in Season 6, Buffy overhears Spike refers to his masculinity in rather disturbing terms. Written for the Manbits Euphamism Ficathon.

Selling a Soul: NC17, Wesley/Illyria, bondage
Wesley/Fred does nothing for me, but Wesley/Illyria? Just had to write a fic about her discovering just what all the fuss is about sex.

Seven Significant Moments...or Maybe Nine: NC17, Spike/Angel, bondage
Post NFA the world's coming to an end and Spike and Angel are barely surviving together. For Spring Spike/Angel (can't say the smushed word) 2005. Angel sired Spike 200 years ago just because...

The Shower: NC17, B/S
Set late Season 7, Xander's built Buffy a shower in the basement...where Spike's been living. He catches her bathing, one thing leads to another...

Slipping into Darkness: NC17, Wesley/Drusilla, teeny bit of female/female noncon
My response to Sallyanne's dark ficathon. For cesario who wanted Wes/Dru, set when I set it, no vamping of Wes. Set between season 3 and 4, Wesley gets some unexpected help in finding a link to the missing Angel in the form of Angel's insane childe.

Sounds of Silence: NC17, B/S, kinkiness and violence
I swore to myself I wouldn't write the scene between "Smashed" and "Wrecked", but Spike and Buffy started whispering to me and I couldn't resist.

Spice: NC17, Buffy/Angel
Written for the Welcome Back To The Hellmouth Ficathon, for biggrstaffbunch who wanted this pairing, jealous!sex, sex in a public place, rough sex, and a fist fight with no Buffy bashing.

Still a Gentleman: NC17, Spike/Darla
A short ficlet in which Darla wants something from Spike and uses her harlot tricks to try to get it. Could be set in Alpha.

Stir of Memories: NC17, Giles/Ethan
While unpacking some of his possessions from Sunnydale, Giles finds a box of old albums which sends him back in his memories to his younger days with Ethan.

A Stirring Of Hope: NC17, Spike/Drusilla
Set after "What's My Line 2" and before we see Spike again on the show, he's bedridden and unhappy and then something amazing happens.

A Storm Both Inside and Out: NC17, G/E
Buffy and Giles are caught in a storm which reminds Giles of a different kind of storm he'd been caught up in with a former lover. Written for a friend caught in Katrina but before the massive destruction so no offense intended.

A Substitute For Turkey: NC17, Spike/Buffy
Holiday ficlet for _rogue_slayer_ who wanted Buffy/Spike at Thanksgiving, bitey, NC17; set Season 6.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This:NC17, B/S
Mala requested Spike having a dream fic and I couldn't refuse. This is an answer to her challenge and it's a bit odd, but then dreams often are. There's character death and lots of smut.

The Sweet Side of Enmity: NC17, Angel/Lindsey
My Lindseyslash Ficathon response. Lindsey and Angel are trapped after an explosion at Lorne's, discover a stash of whisky and wile away the hours.

Swimming with the Fishes NC17, B/A(us)
A challenge was thrown out concerning "Go Fish". What if Angelus had rescued Buffy instead of Xander? What would he demand of her? Here's my answer. Not a very happy fic.

Taking Advantage: NC17, Spike/Liam
Set some time mid season five of AtS, Spike has to travel back in time to meet Liam to perform a ritual to stop the impending apocalypse. He does a bit more than that because he's horny. For Kate Holly for the Loving Angel Valentine Day Ficathon

Teething, Farm Reports and Calculus: NC17; X/A(us)
Set in The Liarverse, Xander needs something to do to fill the time between dawn and the start of classes.

They Will Not Fade Away: NC17, Buffy/Angel/Spike
Written for the polyamory big bang and set in a universe where Wolfram & Hart won and began to take over the world. Buffy goes to try to find her two former lovers.

Tit For Tat: NC17, William/Darla, bit of Angelus/Drusilla
For the Fanged Four Ficathon run by Tanya, for oneechan19. William and Drusilla are summoned to Angelus' side, and a week of Angelus and Drusilla being locked away together does nothing to improve William's mood...or Darla's. The elder vampire decides to get her revenge the old-fashioned way.

To Break The Girl: NC17, Buffy/Angelus, bondage, violence, sex
Angelus came to Sunnydale to find his Slayer, capture her, and break her (set Season 7)

Too Real: , NC17, Buffy/Spike, non-con
Set after an AU Season 2 where Angelus captures Buffy and gives her away like a prize.

'Twas A Dark and Snowy Night: NC17, Angelus/William
William and Angelus are trapped together in a snowstorm some time in the late 1800s. It snowed in late Spring so I started this in my anger and then it stopped snowing and I stopped writing...Also, Angelus is William's sire and William is 200 years old, dammit.

Two Dead Things: NC17, Buffy/Spike, bondage
My response to the Spike/Buffy ficathon request from wickedprincess3 who asked for darkfic, canon characterization, with no happy endings and no fluff. Set after Normal Again and AU from there.

Two Sides of the Same Coin: NC17, Fa/A(us), NONCON Sex, Bondage
Set right after Angelus bit Faith Season 4, a bit different. Instead of the drug hitting them immediately, he takes her prisoner. Afterwards, Angel has to deal with what his demon did.

There Is Always Another: NC17, B/Lin, B/other, rape, nonconsensual sex, nastiness
Um...Very, very AU. Read the first couple of lines and see if you want to give it a shot. This story deals with sexual slavery; not your bag? Don't read please. Chapter 1 is up and gives a picture of what the gang has been up to without Buffy ever being in Sunnydale. Other pairings are Faith/Angel, Willow/Tara, Giles/Jenny, and Cordelia/Xander.

These Eyes:NC17, S/B
Set in a near future world in which Spike's attraction to Buffy is reciprocated, Buffy wonders just what is reflected in Spike's eyes as they have sex. There will probably be a sequel from his viewpoint.

Two Vamps and a Hacker: NC17; W/S, W/A(su), S/A(us), bondage, S&M, non-consensual
Spike and Angelus capture Willow. Not a very nice fic.

Two Whiny Slayers: NC17; B/F/A/?, bondage, mild S&M
Buffy and Faith are whining on Halloween and Angel decides they need punishing and a lot of wild sex. Set in the third season with my version of Angel--he's a lot closer to Angelus than Joss' version.

Under The Mistletoe: NC17, Spike/Buffy
Holiday ficlet for burningeden who wanted Buffy and Spike season 6 sex with Willow casting a spell on some mistletoe to win back Tara and it affects Buffy and Spike as well. I didn't get any of the Tara/Willow sex in it, but it's implied, and some of the ramifications are touched on.

A Virgin's Dream Come True: NC17; W/X
Not for Willow/Xander lovers. They lose their virginity. It's not pretty

The Wall Says It All: NC17, Spike/Angel
The old, cliched 'f*ck or die* Spike and Angel's way, set AtS Season 5.

The Watcher: PG-NC17, S/B
Written for Summer of Spike 2005, vignettes of Spike watching Buffy in each of my series. Only the final vignette is NC17.

The Wayward Ward: NC17, S/Dawn
I had this image for a long time, of Spike finding Dawn in an alley with a stanger, and calling her a trollop. it is. Season 7 didn't end as it did and Buffy dies sometime in the near future leaving Spike in charge of Dawn. Dawn is over 18 in this fic.

What Changed: NC17, Willow/Angel
A long, long time ago (October 1998!) I wrote a fic called "Two Whiny Slayers" which featured a much darker Angel in Season 3 and a not so nice Willow. I've been writing a sequel for about three years now, but here's a little glimmer of why Willow is as she is...

What Whining Leads To: R, Buffy/Cordy/Angel
Set in the same universe as my fic "The Desk Set", Buffy finally finds time for a hook up some time in January.

What's A Punch Or Two Between Old Friends?: NC17, Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike
Set during the holiday season in the near future, Angel and Spike visit Buffy in Italy. For Chelle who wanted Buffy/Spike/Angel with no slash, just lots of Buffy loving, angst, drunk Buffy (on eggnog), angry Spike and jealous Angel.

A Woman Scorned: PG14; S/D, angst, violence, death of a hopefully minor character
My (and Dru's) response to the horrible Emily rumors. If you don't want to be spoiled for the fourth season, don't read, although Emily is only a rumor. This was supposed to be a sillyfic, but it's very different and Dru is very out of character.

Work Release: NC17, Wesley/Faith/Lilah, mild BDSM
Faith is paying off a debt to Wolfram & Hart at the hands of Lilah when Wesley finds them together.

Writhing Love: NC17, Spike/Illyria, sub/dom
Spike and Illyria escaped LA after NFA and are on the run. They go to a club to relax. For bogwitch's Spike/Tentacle Erotic Valentine's Day Ficathon except it's no longer Valentine's Day and, in fact, that's never mentioned in this smutfic. There is lots of tentacle sex, though.

Wrong: NC17, B/S
My version of Buffy and Spike's first time in Season 6, set some time after "Once More With Feeling". It switches POVs and tenses, but I think that puts you in the moment with them.

...You Had a Branding Iron: NC17; W/A(us), W/other, bondage, S&M Set in The Wish universe, what if Angel had lost his soul and sired Willow instead of Xander?

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